March 2, 2014 - 2014 Lone Star Grand Prix Race Report

It wasn’t the show we expected to see, as it was nearly a match of the TaG Senior performance put in by Scott Falcone (Arrow). He and Robby Mott (Corsa) led the field to the green flag, with the top two pulling away early in the opening lap. That was until they exited the hairpin turn and Mott’s engine lost power. Unable to get the onboard starter to work, his race was done. Falcone piloted his KartSport North America entry forward, posting laps three seconds quicker than any other driver to win his second victory by more than 38 seconds.

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February 3, 2014 - Texas Lone Star Grand Prix

I am looking forward to the Lone Star Grand Prix. After signing up today I have been welcomed with great enthusiasm, which has just solidified my decision to participate at this event. I will be joined by my great tuners Victor Pedrosa and Craig Corwin. I believe this is a perfect pathway, for practice and to hone my skills, for the Modesto Grand Prix and beyond.

I encourage all of my buddies, to attend if you have the time, the better the turn out, the more fun we will all have.

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